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Recent Media & Press

HEC Paris

"HEC Paris MBA grad Hilary Matson, founder of Yugen Earthside, shares her journey into sustainable travel entrepreneurship. Discover how HEC’s Entrepreneurship Specialization and emphasis on sustainability prepared her for success. From Holi celebrations to global networking, her MBA experience paved the way for impactful ventures."

Published April 2024 | Alumni Profile: A Female-Founded Sustainable Travel Business - How HEC Prepared Me for Life as an Entrepreneur

Travel Pulse

"As the impacts of climate change grow increasingly severe, more and more products and services are being marketed to travelers to help offset one’s carbon footprint." Hilary Matson weighs in with other industry experts about the differences between carbon offsets and carbon capture (also known as carbon removal) - two frequently discussed options in the battle against climate change.

Published March 2024 | Carbon Offsets vs Carbon Capture Technology: Which Choice Is Best

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Media & Press Archives - 2023

Best Company

Hilary was quoted in an article about the importance of sustainability at home and abroad. “It's important to have sustainable habits at home, and it's equally important to not ‘shut off’ the sustainability mindset when you travel,” explains Yugen Earthside founder and CEO Hilary Matson. Matson emphasizes the importance of picking trips with low-carbon impacts once you arrive at your destination as well as booking trips with locally owned, sustainable tour operators. 

Published July 2023 | Green-Living Tips for Summer from Sustainability Experts

USA Today Travel

Hilary was quoted in the print and online quarterly magazine from USA Today Travel, Go Escape, in their "Please Roam Responsibly" article. Skip to page 55 to read the article; her comments are sprinkled throughout the piece.

Published June 2023 | Go Escape | Summer 2023

Midlife Globetrotter

Yugen Earthside was featured in an article about sustainable travel tips. The article states that one thing travelers can do is choose tour operators that prioritize sustainability... Or you could let an innovative travel company called Yugen Earthside do the work for you. Its database of vetted tour operators allows travelers to browse through sustainable adventures around the world. You can search by destination, price or trip type, and choose between multi-day package tours that are either self-guided (primarily walking and cycling tours), privately guided, or small-group tours with fixed departure dates.

Yugen, a Japanese word that means “an awareness of the universe that triggers an emotional response too deep and powerful for words”,  prioritizes working with companies based locally, so your travel dollars will support local communities, rather than large international companies. 

Published April 2023 | Sustainable Travel Tips on Earth Day

Yahoo News

Hilary was quoted in an article about staying in Airbnbs. “Airbnb pricing has become quite frustrating and a bad user experience to deal with,” said Hilary Matson, founder and CEO of sustainable travel company Yugen Earthside. “It’s never just the room price, but also the service fee, the cleaning fee, fees are per person or per group, and sometimes other fees.” Check out our blog post below for 10 great alternative sites for booking eco-friendly and sustainable accommodations.

Published March 2023 | Is It Still Cheaper To Stay in an Airbnb vs. a Hotel?


Hilary was quoted in an article about responsible tourism and shared an example that ultimately inspired the creation of Yugen Earthside. "Every traveler probably has a personal experience with irresponsible tourism, even if it wasn't on purpose. What's important is for travelers to be mindful of their experiences, question if something really is responsible, and always be looking for alternatives that are more sustainable and kind in the long run. Use your experience, and learn from it.”

Published March 2023 | Are You a Responsible Tourist? Read These Examples to Find Out

Travel Pulse

Hilary was quoted in an article about the role of travel advisors in advancing sustainability, i.e. how they can take responsibility for encouraging travelers to make more mindful choices. "My clients are not just die-hard sustainable travelers, but also people in that neutral but curious ground, or people who genuinely don't know what to look for or what is possible," says Matson. "We have also helped some clients where it doesn't seem like sustainability is a big focus for them. Even if sustainability is not the client's number one priority, since it is our company's priority, we can still work to ensure they have a great trip as sustainably as possible," adds Matson.
Published March 2023 | The Role of Travel Advisors in Advancing Sustainability

Travel Pulse

Hilary was quoted in an article about the rise of flight-free itineraries. Matson says she doesn't think it's fair to tell travelers they shouldn't or can't travel by plane at all. But she does help clients focus on using eco-friendly transportation as much as possible once they've arrived at their intended destination and choosing trips that focus on low-carbon-impact activities. "Whether it's walking or trekking, or getting to destinations by steam trains, these things can be part of the adventure," says Matson.

Published March 2023 | The Rise of Non-Flight Itineraries

Media & Press Archives - 2022


Yugen Earthside was featured in an article about the best dive destinations in the world. "For US travelers looking to go abroad, the destination that is often recommended is the Galapagos Islands. This special haven of precious wildlife is a draw for nature and marine enthusiasts worldwide. Because of its fragile ecosystem, visiting these islands through a responsible company is important. 

Yugen Earthside offers a unique scuba diving trip where guests live aboard a small yacht alongside marine biologists to fully experience and appreciate these magical islands. This responsible dive trip supports the Galapagos Whale Shark Project, featured on BBC’s “Blue Planet II” series. 

Marine biologists and a shark researcher will join the trip as they use these experiences to continue studying whale sharks. Traveling this way allows divers to have incredible underwater experiences while learning how to support conservation efforts and act mindfully towards marine wildlife (part of the trip fee also includes a donation to the conservation project)."

Published December 2022 | Ready to Dive into Paradise? Experts Present the Top Dive Destinations for 2023 - Which Will You Choose?

A World for Travel

Hilary participated on a panel at the AWFT forum in Nimes, France on "The Problem and the Solution for Carbon Offsetting & Carbon Capture." Hear her comments alongside fellow panelists Lucas Bobes (Group Environmental Officer & Head of ESG Planning, Amadeus), Randy Durband (CEO, Global Sustainable Tourism Council), Teodora Marinska (COO/Head of Public Affairs, European Travel Commission), and Kit Brennan (Founder and Director, Thrust Carbon).
Published Nov. 2022 | WATCH

Travel Weekly

Hilary was quoted in the Travel Weekly article "Industry leaders call for common standards on carbon data." She says, “There is confusion about carbon offset schemes. Planting a tree is not very effective. It’s hard to educate travelers and we can’t rely on leisure travelers to solve this problem.” Matson argued: “The problem isn’t going to be solved by individuals. Regulation would be more effective and collaboration between large companies, especially airlines, and governments. “Governments could require sustainable aviation fuel be used, flights be offset [and] companies move to net zero.”
Published Nov. 2022 | READ

Best Life

Hilary was quoted in the Best Life article "10 Places That Should Be on Your Bucket List in Your 60s," Hilary recommends trekking through the Himalayas, where you'll find some of the greatest hiking in the world. "What active traveler hasn't dreamed of being amongst these majestic mountains?" says Matson. Yugen Earthside offers privately guided 11-day tours where hikers can discover mountain lodges, typical villages, and their friendly residents, and soak in spectacular alpine views. "This trip is a relatively gentle walk with an 'average' physical rating, so it's well-suited to anybody comfortable with walking between 30 minutes and six hours per day," says Matson.

She also recommends the Galapagos Islands. "[They are] one of the most beautiful locations on earth," says Matson. The pristine nature and wildlife on the islands have been safeguarded since boats are highly regulated. Diving in the water offers travelers a chance to see whale sharks, manta rays, and more. If you stick to land you can focus on wildlife, rugged landscapes, and hiking. One of the things that make the Galapagos truly special is the Giant Sea Tortoise population, which was miraculously saved from extinction. Seeing them up close and personal is worth the trip alone.
Published Oct. 13, 2022 | READ

Media & Press Archives - 2021

  • Print Interview. Honne Magazine. Our founder, Hilary, was interviewed by Honne Magazine, a bilingual (French/English), online magazine.
    She discusses starting Yugen Earthside during a pandemic, juggling entrepreneurship with school, and overcoming challenges.
    Published Jan. 2nd, 2021 | READ
  • Podcast. Take Me With You. Ryan & Cheryl, hosts of the TMWY podcast, invite Hilary onto their show, and they have a blast talking all things travel! They discuss Hilary’s move from Seattle to Paris, what sustainable travel is all about, and give some travel advice. Length: 1.5 hrs.
    Published Jan. 25th, 2021 | LISTEN
  • Live Interview. La Heroica. La Heroica is an Argentinian initiative that promotes sustainable tourism by sharing best practices from folks around the world. Luisa, La Heroica’s founder, interviewed Hilary about what sustainable tourism is and how we can motivate people to be better travelers. Length: 2.5 min.
    Published Feb. 23rd, 2021 | WATCH
  • Print Interview. Travel Massive. Travel Massive is a global community of more than 60k travel industry founders, leaders, and creators.
    Hilary was interviewed about how she got into the tourism industry, how the idea for Yugen Earthside was born, how tourism companies can become more sustainable, and more.
    Published Mar. 3rd, 2021 | READ
  • Live Interview. A Wandering Web. Charlotte interviews Hilary for her series “A Case for Travel Tuesdays.” They talk about launching Yugen Earthside during the pandemic, the future of trips post covid, what tour operators can do to be more sustainable, Impact Projects, and more. Length: 22 min.
    Published Apr. 6th, 2021 | WATCH
  • Company Feature. Hidden Lemur. Hidden Lemur is a sustainable travel website that aims to give travelers better access to ethical travel experiences. They featured Yugen Earthside in their article “Green Tours: A Responsible Travelers’ Guide” alongside other incredible companies such as Intrepid Travel and G Adventures.
    Published May 5th, 2021 | READ
  • Instagram Live. A Travel Minded.A Travel Minded. Emma Darlington from the “A Travel Minded” podcast hosted this IG Live. She and Hilary chatted about the importance of sustainable travel and the work that Yugen Earthside is doing. Length: 23 min.
    Published May 14th, 2021 | WATCH
  • Print Interview. Business Because. Business Because is an online resource filled with news, advice, and inspiration for prospective MBA & Masters students. They interviewed our founder, Hilary, about leaving her corporate 9-5 job at Amazon to launch a sustainability startup following her MBA at HEC Paris. 
    Published May 26th, 2021 | READ
  • Print Interview. HEC Paris.HEC Paris. The Societies & Organizations Institute within HEC Paris focuses on promoting sustainability in business. This interview with Hilary covers her motivation, the impact she’s making, the difficulties faced, and her contributions to a more inclusive economy. It also dives into how HEC Paris helped shape her journey, and what advice she’d give to others looking to make a difference.
    Published Jun. 9th, 2021 | READ
  • Workshop. Nadi Marketing. Nadi Marketing is an eco-conscious marketing agency. Hilary led a workshop for their network of ‘ecopreneurs’ called “Sustainable Tourism: What it is, why it’s complicated, & how you can travel better.” No matter where you are on your sustainable travel journey, you’ll find some helpful tidbits in this session. Length: 51 min.
    Published Jul. 8th, 2021 | WATCH
  • Podcast. Kated Travel. Stephen Bailey hosts Hilary to discuss “Practical Sustainable Travel Tips”. Listen to learn some easy ways you can be a more sustainable traveler. You’ll also hear about zero-dollar tourism, sustainable packing, harmful travel mistakes, and how sustainable travel does not need to be expensive. Length: 26 min.
    Published Jul. 8th, 2021
  • Print Interview. Adventure Travel Trade Association.Adventure Travel Trade Association. Christina Beckmann is the co-founder of Tomorrow’s Air, a carbon removal company officially launched by the ATTA. She interviewed Hilary for ATTA’s News section and they discussed her “Perspectives from a Former Techie Entering Sustainable Travel.” Read it to hear about how Amazon, TikTok, and Semester at Sea have all influenced Yugen Earthside.
    Published Aug. 17th, 2021 | READ
  • Quoted. Redfin.Redfin. Mike Cahill wrote a Redfin blog post about “11 Ways to Start Living Sustainably at Home.” Yugen Earthside is quoted for giving advice on how to shift homes to be “zero-waste” – starting with items you find in your bathroom. Bonus: Going zero-waste for toiletries and other bathroom essentials means you can pack those up to be a zero-waste traveler, too!
    Published Aug. 24th, 2021 | READ
  • Quoted. Le Monde.Le Monde. Clément Guillou wrote an article for Le Monde – the largest daily French newspaper – called “Face au changement climatique, le tourism fait son introspection et évite l’action*.” (*Faced with climate change, tourism is introspective and avoids action.) Read (lisez) in French, or use a translator, to see Hilary’s comments on the action she wants to see in the industry.
    Published Sep. 21st, 2021 | LISEZ
  • Panel Moderator. A World for Travel. Hilary moderated a panel called "Tourism's Impact on the Environment" at the inaugural AWFT forum in Evora, Portugal. Panelists included: H.E. Edita Dapo (Minister of Tourism - Bosnia & Herzegovina), Dr. Taleb Rifai (former Secretary General of the UN World Tourism Organization), H.E. Edmund Bartlett (Minister of Tourism - Jamaica), Beks Ndlovu (CEO of African Bush Camps), and Fabio Casilli (Founder - Respire, Le Tourisme de Demain). Watch the discussion unfold about how tourism can and should protect local environments and preserve biodiversity.
    Published Sep. 2021 | WATCH