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We can help you find the most responsible way to bring your trip to life. Book your free consultation with our travel expert to chat about:

  • Customizing a trip on our platform

  • Designing your dream trip

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Yugen Earthside automatically includes carbon removals with each trip booked.

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Booking with Yugen Earthside

Why Choose Us

Yugen Earthside is a sustainable travel booking platform and agency. We connect mindful travelers to responsible trips expertly designed and run by our local partners.

Our company is a certified net-zero Social Purpose Corporation.

Here’s why clients love booking through us:

  • Have amazing experiences through local partners with sustainability at the core of their operations.

  • Save time by choosing an expertly crafted itinerary; customize it if you like.

  • Enjoy a personalized approach to finalizing your trip.

  • Receive comprehensive sustainability guidance.

Carbon Removals

Yugen Earthside automatically includes carbon removals with each booking.

Carbon Offsets

We provide you the option to add on carbon offsets during checkout.

Impact Projects

At least 1% of gross profits are donated to impact projects.

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Climate Partners

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