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List Trips on Yugen Earthside

Yugen Earthside is a platform for responsible package trips. We love discovering locally-owned, boutique, sustainable travel companies around the world and highlighting their experiences on our website. To join as an official partner:

  • Submit the 3-part application forms

  • Complete a video interview

  • Pass a website audit

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What we Look for in our Partners

  • Values-Aligned: Sustainability must be core to your operations and ethos.
  • Company Type: We primarily work with destination management companies and inbound tour operators. Partners can be B2C or B2B.
  • Destination Fit: You are more likely to be accepted if you represent a new destination for us. We focus on strong relationships with each partner and this includes not listing cannibalizing offers within a destination at this time.
  • Trip Style Fit: We list Self-guided, Privately-guided, and Small Group itineraries. Most of our partners' itineraries can be customized upon a client's request.
  • Trip Category Fit: Most of our selection is for Walking, Trekking, Climbing, Culture, Wildlife & Safaris, Wine Tasting, Cycling, and Yoga experiences. We do grow this list and are specifically looking to add more Gastronomy, Birding, and Scuba Diving trips.

Pay an annual membership fee of $200 per year (per destination).

Submit at least 3 trips per year.

Be part of the movement to make sustainable travel easy!

Our Application Process

There are three forms to complete for your application.

  1. The first form takes about 1 minute to complete with basic information.
  2. The second form takes about 5 minutes and discusses your sustainability approach and your current business operations.
  3. The third and final form takes about 25 minutes and goes more in-depth on your specific sustainability practices.

Each form will auto-send to you upon completion of the preceding form.

Should you Apply?

If you represent a new destination, apply.

If you offer trips that complement our current selection in an existing destination, apply. Examples:

  • We have a presence in Portugal but don't yet offer Gastronomy tours there.
  • We have a presence in India but don't yet offer Yoga trips there.

If you offer trips that complement our current selection in a new destination, apply. Examples:

  • We offer citizen science scuba dives in the Galapagos, but don't yet offer similar dives in other destinations.
  • We have yoga retreats in Portugal, but don't yet offer similar retreats in other destinations.

If you offer trips that compete with our current offerings, do not apply. Examples:

  • In Nepal, we offer Trekking trips. Do not apply if you're a Nepali trekking company.
  • In Tanzania, we offer Kilimanjaro climbing trips. Do not apply if you're a Tanzanian Kili company.

If you offer exclusively customized itineraries and cannot provide a bookable itinerary with a price, do not apply.

Instead, consider joining the Sustainable Synergies in Tourism community (see below).

Services We Provide

  • We professionally editorialize your trip listing submissions and optimize them for SEO.
  • We market your trips and our platform through social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest), email campaigns, paid advertisements, and more.
  • We handle initial client inquiries with top-tier care.
  • We only connect clients to partners when we know they're serious about a trip, and/or after they've paid their deposit.
  • We securely process client payments through WeTravel and pay our partners 4-6 weeks before the trip's departure date.

Target Market

Our target market is small groups of Americans 50+. We do receive client inquiries from other countries and in different age ranges, and we gladly assist these travelers.

A blue square background, with a light orange square frame inside, with the letters S and U on the top row, and the letters S and T directly below them, and a small orange globe in the center. This is the logo for the Sustainable Synergies in Tourism community.

Sustainable Synergies in Tourism

Sustainable Synergies in Tourism is an affordable community for founders of boutique responsible travel companies to learn, share, and grow. It costs $30/year. Benefits:

  • Chat via our private WhatsApp group.

  • Access a database of sustainable travel resources.

  • Join monthly members-only meetings.

  • Save on sustainable travel courses and more.

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More Information about Joining the Sustainable Synergies Community

The Sustainable Synergies community is a professional group for individuals running sustainable travel DMCs or inbound operations. It is designed to help those working on their own, or with very small teams, to feel less alone as they build their responsible travel businesses.

Becoming a Sustainable Synergies member as an individual is not the same thing as your company becoming a Yugen Earthside partner, nor does it guarantee that your company will become a Yugen Earthside partner in the future.

If your company joins Yugen Earthside as a partner, your Sustainable Synergies membership fee will be deducted from your Yugen Earthside membership fee. Yugen Earthside partners receive complimentary access to the community.