What is Yugen Earthside?

Yugen Earthside is a sustainable travel booking platform and agency that connects mindful travelers to adventurous trips.

  • Our platform features a curated selection of sustainable, package trips designed and run by our local partners around the world.
  • Our agency arm can help you find and book a responsible trip anywhere in the world, or assist as your sustainable trip planner.

Our Mission: Make sustainable travel easy.

What does "Yugen" mean?

Yugen (pronounced “you-gehn”), is a Japanese word that means:

An awareness of the universe that triggers an emotional response too deep and powerful for words.

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Values-aligned travel

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Get to know us

What's in our DNA?

Creating a positive environmental and social impact is important to us. That's why we are:

  • Registered as a Social Purpose Corporation (SPC).

  • Donating at least 1% of gross profits to sustainable tourism impact projects.

  • Certified net-zero through Ecolytics.

  • Including carbon removal through Tomorrow's Air with each booking.

  • Integrating carbon offsets through Sustainable Travel International into our checkout process.

  • Applying for B-Corp Certification in 2024.

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The early days

Our Origin Story

Yugen Earthside was founded by Hilary Matson. After working at Amazon for nearly a decade, she left to pursue a career more closely aligned with her interests and values: travel and sustainability.

Hilary earned her MBA and a certificate in Inclusive & Social Business from HEC-Paris in 2020. During her MBA, Hilary specialized in entrepreneurship and developed a social enterprise business plan. Yugen Earthside was incorporated in January 2021.

What is sustainable travel all about?

Our trips adhere to the three basic pillars of sustainable tourism:

Respecting natural environments, including wildlife.

Promoting local economies to keep tourism money in the destination.

Supporting societies & cultures through authentic experiences.

Our Vision:

Inspire and educate travelers seeking to discover and book responsible tourism trips, in order to transform the travel industry into a force used to better connect humanity and preserve the earth.

Our Team: Who are we, and where are we?

Our company is registered in Washington State, USA, and a small team works remotely around the world to run the show.

  • Hilary Matson. Founder & CEO. Based in Paris, France.
  • Levi Gable. Website Wizard. Based in Paris, France.
  • Mora Klappenbach. Website Content Associate. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Alice Peace. Blog Contributor. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Elisa Spampinato. Blog Contributor. Based in London, England.
  • Anurag Danda. MBA Marketing Intern. Based in India.
  • Giles Hawke. Mentor. Based in London, England.
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