Hike & Sail the Turquoise Coast

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Sail the Turquoise Coast (the "Turkish Riviera"), swim in crystal-clear waters, and hike to explore antique villages by foot on this sustainable and authentic adventure.

Starting from Göcek, we will hike and sail the idyllic shores of ancient Lycia in a traditional wooden gulet. Slowly cruising along the coast, we’ll make stops on land to walk through scented hills and visit classic coastal sites. Explore the islands, kayak, and snorkel over sunken ancient ruins. Meet nomads, search for the gods of Mt. Olympos, taste local cuisine, and enjoy the atmospheric nights of charming towns.

This iconic trip is a best-seller for those looking for combination trips blending hiking and sailing.

Family Friendly: This trip is beloved for families traveling together. It's ideal for 2-3 generational families where members have different activity levels and interests. Children are delighted to be in the water swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking; while elders are content to snooze on the deck, or read a book. Everybody is welcome to join the short hikes and historic explorations (or not)!


  • Sailing the Turquoise Coast on a traditional wooden gulet
  • Hiking the Lycian Way
  • Snorkeling over submerged ancient ruins
  • Swimming in Cleopatra’s sunken Roman Bath
  • Visiting Kaş and Kekova, the 'sunken city'
  • Meeting nomads
  • Dining with the locals
  • Eating freshly cooked meals on board
  • Sleeping under the stars

The Turquoise Coast, also known as the Turkish Riviera, is a stunning stretch of coastline along the southwestern coast of Türkiye, facing the Mediterranean Sea. The region is famous for its crystal-clear turquoise waters, rugged cliffs, pine forests, and numerous beaches and coves. Spectacular views of the Mediterranean await in these towns where mysteries and history are intertwined.

The area boasts a number of famous tourist destinations and historical sites, such as the ancient city ruins of Perge and the Lycian rock tombs found in Dalyan. On this trip, we’ll visit the Batik Hamam Cove, a bath about 5 feet under water – where Mark Anthony is said to have courted Cleopatra, and Kaya, a ghost town abandoned in 1930.

The region is also known for its beautiful beaches and protected nature reserves, some of which are accessible only by boat. Visitors to the Turquoise Coast can also enjoy water sports such as swimming and snorkeling – both of which you’ll have the opportunity to do on this trip – as well as hiking in the nearby mountains, exploring traditional villages, and indulging in delicious Turkish cuisine.

Our sustainable trip to the Turquoise Coast will captivate you with breathtakingly beautiful views. This diverse region of Türkiye offers a unique blend of natural beauty, culture, and history. The Turkish Riviera is a must-visit destination offering adventure and relaxation for anyone traveling to Türkiye.

Come cruise the coast and swim in our sparkling waters!

Seasonal Notes

This trip runs best from May through October (but November is the new October...)

  • May and September-October/November: These are the best times of year to visit the Turquoise Coast in Türkiye as the weather is generally warm and pleasant, with average temperatures ranging between 68-77°F (20-25°C), and there is less chance of rainfall.
  • June-August: During these peak summer months, the region can become quite hot, with temperatures often reaching over 86°F (30°C), and can have high humidity levels. This can make outdoor activities, such as hiking or sightseeing, uncomfortable during the daytime. This is also the busiest time for tourism. If you don't like high temperatures, we suggest a similar trip to the Dodecanese Islands or the Carian Coast, where there is more breeze. Contact us for details.

If your schedule allows, we encourage you to travel in the shoulder season (April-May, September-October) for several reasons. It helps reduce the environmental impact of traffic along the coast, avoids over-tourism, and rewards you with more tranquil trails and site visits. Spring and fall offer the best balance of pleasant weather and fewer crowds.


Day 1 Göcek Islands [Türkiye] (arrival day)

Begin the trip by flying into Dalaman airport and then transfer to Göcek. We will have some time for last-minute shopping. There are various stores in the vicinity for personal hygiene items, clothing, and supermarkets where you can purchase your preferred beverages, among other things.

We would like to depart from the port as soon as possible and sail to a nearby island. Once there, we will anchor the boat and have the opportunity to dive into the water for a refreshing swim.

Let the adventure begin!

Accommodation: Traditional gulet
Meals: Dinner

Day 2 Binlik Cove

Hiking Time: 5 miles / 3 hours
Sailing Time: 1 hour

In the morning, we'll set sail towards Batik Hamam (Sunken Bath) cove. Here, you'll find an intriguing Roman bath that's partially submerged, about 5 feet below the water's surface. This spot is rumored to be where Mark Antony courted Cleopatra, adding a touch of ancient romance to the scenery.

This is our perfect opportunity to raise the sails during the journey. After lunch, we'll seize the moment, turn off the engine, and allow ourselves to gracefully glide across the water under the power of the sails.  

Following this, we'll take a leisurely hike (5 miles) through the fragrant pine forests, soaking in the stunning Mediterranean panoramas. Our destination is the Lycian site of Lydae, a historical gem that can only be reached on foot.

An interesting possibility awaits us – we might have the privilege of visiting a nomadic family who resides in the Lydae area. These families lead an isolated life in this remote peninsula, giving us a unique glimpse into their traditional lifestyle.

Later, as the day winds down, we'll return to the boat and drop anchor for the night in the tranquil Binlik Cove. This promises to be a day of discovery, history, and natural beauty, creating memories to cherish.

Accommodation: Traditional gulet
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3 Fethiye Bay & Gemiler Island

Hiking Time: 1 hour

Early morning we leave for Fethiye. Fethiye holds its historical roots as the ancient city of Telmessus in the Lycian region.  

The ancient theater of Telmessus stands just opposite the marina, creating a fascinating historical backdrop in Fethiye. After immersing ourselves in its ancient allure, we'll embark on a leisurely walk towards the bustling fish and farmer's market. This vibrant market showcases the local flavors and colors of the region, offering a true taste of daily life.

Our journey continues with a short drive to the Necropolis, the ancient graveyard of Telmessus. This intriguing site provides a glimpse into the burial practices and reverence for ancestors of the past.

Our journey takes us to the ancient Greek city of Kayakoy, which was abandoned during the population exchange of 1923. Today, it stands as a haunting ghost town, a stark reminder of the injustices wrought by war. Walking through its empty streets and buildings, we'll witness the echoes of history and reflect on the impact of conflict.

Leaving Kayakoy behind, we'll make our way back to our boat near Gemiler Island. Here, in this serene anchorage, we'll have the pleasure of indulging in a refreshing evening swim, immersing ourselves in the tranquil waters.

The crowning moment of the day is a hike to the summit of Gemiler Island, timed perfectly for sunset. This island has hosted a monastic community since the 4th century, adding layers of history to its allure. 

The hike, a round trip of about 1 hour, will take us through ancient ruins, accompanied by the fragrant notes of sage and thyme. 

The real magic lies in the breathtaking vistas that unfold along the way, setting the stage for a spectacular sunset view. It's an experience that blends history, nature, and the enchantment of watching the sun dip below the horizon.

Accommodation: Traditional gulet
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4 Kaş & Antalya

Early cruise to Kalkan and after a morning swim hop on a van to visit the highlights of Central Lycia, Patara and Xhanthos. Patara is the home of Lycian Parliament House, which has been the inspration of US Constitution and it is birthplace of the famous St Nicholas. Xhantos is very impressive and extensive and has the longest Lycian inscription ever found. Continue 45 minutes up to the Taurus Mountains to Bezirgan Village, where we will be the guests of a local family for lunch. The ladies of the house will cook and serve traditional Turkish dishes with the ingredients they grow in their garden. We continue to Kaş to meet our boat which is moored across the bay for the night. We may shuttle to Kaş for the night for drinks and music.

We'll kickstart the day with an early cruise to Kalkan, where you can take a refreshing morning swim to invigorate yourself. Afterward, we'll switch gears and hop on a van to embark on a journey through the highlights of Central Lycia, visiting the notable sites of Patara and Xanthos.

Patara, renowned for its historical significance, houses the Lycian Parliament House, which served as a source of inspiration for the US Constitution. Additionally, it's the birthplace of the famed St. Nicholas. Our next stop, Xanthos, will captivate you with its extensive and impressive ruins, featuring the longest Lycian inscription ever discovered.

Ascend to 3000 feet to Bezirgan Village to visit an authentic village on the Taurus Mountains for a delicious local lunch.

Later, we'll make our way to Kaş, where our boat is anchored across the bay for the night. You might even choose to shuttle to Kaş to enjoy a night of drinks and music, rounding off a day of exploration and cultural immersion in the most memorable way.

Accommodation: Traditional gulet
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Days 5 Snorkeling in the Kekova Sound & Antalya

As the morning sun rises, our cruise takes us to the intriguing site of Aperlai, where sunken ruins lay beneath the shimmering waters. Here, the ancient harbor of Aperlai rests submerged, with its foundations and remnants visible beneath the sea's surface. The echoes of history can still be seen in the outlines of harbor structures, walls, and even the remains of a temple. Snorkeling over this submerged treasure offers a unique perspective on the past.

Continuing our voyage, we navigate into the serene waters of the Kekova Sound. This remote and stunning stretch of coastline is often regarded as the most enchanting part of the Turkish coast. Here, we drop anchor for the remainder of the day, inviting you to unwind and bask in the beauty of your surroundings. It's a perfect opportunity to relax, absorb the tranquil atmosphere, and relish the magnificence of this remarkable coastal paradise.

Accommodation: Traditional gulet
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6 Sea Kayaking in the Kekova Sound & Antalya

Following a light and refreshing breakfast, we'll gather to meet our licensed kayaking guide. An exciting adventure awaits as we embark on a kayaking journey along the sunken island of Kekova. This captivating expedition will last for approximately 3 to 4 hours, allowing us to explore the hidden wonders of this submerged realm.

Paddling through the crystal-clear waters, we'll have the unique opportunity to witness the intriguing remnants of a submerged world beneath us. The sunken ruins of Kekova hold stories of ancient civilizations and offer a glimpse into the past that's both awe-inspiring and mysterious.

More wonderful walking, swimming, sunning and exploring. Time to absorb the many wonders you've experienced. At the end of the day, we will hike to the remote and impressive citadel of Crusaders located on the acropolis of Lycian site of Simena. We tie to this little magical ancient village for the night.

Accommodation: Traditional gulet
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7 Muğla (departure day)

Transfer to the airport. End of services.

Meals: Breakfast


We recommend combining this trip with a visit to Istanbul and Cappadocia to get to know the country of Türkiye beyond its beautiful coast.

Please contact us for more information.

Route Map

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • 6 nights' accommodation on a traditional wooden gullet

  • All meals except lunch on Day 1, with great representation of Turkish cuisine

  • Village lunch and dinner at a fish restaurant in Kaş on Day 4

  • All bottled water and beverages on the boat

  • Minivan transportation when needed

  • Guided sea-kayaking tour over the sunken ruins of Kekova

  • Certified professional guide & their expenses

  • Parking fees

  • Entrance fees to museums & archaeological sites

  • Carbon offset

  • International flights to/from Türkiye

  • Lunch on arrival day

  • Visa

  • Travel Insurance

  • Personal Expenses


Prices exclude flights to/from the destination.

Prices are for double room occupancy unless indicated otherwise.

This trip requires a minimum of 4 guests.

  • Deposit per person

    $1,000 pp

  • Group of 4 Travelers - price per person


  • Group of 5 Travelers - price per person


  • Group of 6 Travelers - price per person


  • Group of 7-8 Travelers - price per person


  • Group of 9-10 Travelers - price per person



We are the only active member of ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) from Türkiye and we have signed the Travel’s Climate Action Agreement powered by ATTA. We are a signatory of Tourism Declares Climate Emergency and have published a Climate Emergency Plan.

We worked with ATTA-South Pole to calculate the carbon emissions for each of our itineraries. As a result, we modified some itineraries to reduce our carbon footprint. We're also proud to say that we're a "carbon neutral" company. We reported our 2020 emissions and will offset them at the end of 2021. We understand that operating a gulet has carbon emissions, which should be compensated. In this regard, we will contribute 28 USD/person for this trip to be used in planting trees. We offer low carbon impact activities on this trip such as hiking, sea-kayaking, snorkeling, coasteering, and para-gliding.

Our new itineraries are being designed with a "Slow Travel" perspective so that we spend at least two nights at each location and our new trips are more local. We stay in small or remote places, plan to stay more than 1 night at each location, travel in the shoulder season, and cover a small region, rather than traveling long distances. This travel format is not only safer but also helps to absorb and enjoy the experience even better.

Environmental Initiatives
We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment during our trip. Our guides ensure that we "leave no trace" whenever we visit natural and historical sites. This means that we take extra care to avoid damaging the natural environment or leaving any waste behind. We also encourage our clients to bring their own water bottles and provide refills from big containers during the day. This helps to reduce plastic waste and ensures that we have access to clean drinking water throughout our trip.

Economic Initiatives
Our trip is designed to promote tourism dispersal and support local businesses. We pick up our clients at Dalaman Airport and immediately drive out of the heavily touristic region to small villages and towns. In these areas, tourism revenue is greatly appreciated, especially in the shoulder season. We also use every opportunity to meet the people behind the tourism scene, such as visiting local shops, buying provisions from fishermen, and eating at a local home. By doing so, we hope to support the local economy and help sustain the tourism industry in the region.

Sociocultural Initiatives
We believe in promoting local culture and supporting the communities that we visit. To this end, we use the services of local accommodation providers, family-run restaurants, and women-owned businesses. This helps to support the local economy and ensure that tourism revenue is distributed more evenly throughout the region. We also make an effort to meet the people behind the tourism scene by having a cup of sage tea over a taste of homemade honey and bread or visiting a local home to enjoy a lunch cooked on an open fire.

Health & Safety

Be sure you have traveler's insurance.


What does the Physical Rating of "Easy" mean?

The Physical Rating of "Easy" means that there is only light physical activity required on this trip and it's suitable for those with an average fitness level. No physical preparation is required for this trip.

What documentation is required to travel to Türkiye?

Please click here to find out the passport, health, and visa conditions for any country.

What is a traditional wooden gulet?

A traditional wooden gulet is a traditional Turkish sailing vessel that is commonly used for coastal cruises and tours in Türkiye. These boats are made from wood and are typically between 15 and 35 meters in length. They have a distinctive design with a broad beam, rounded hull, and a flat deck. The gulets usually have 2 to 8 cabins, a salon, a kitchen, and a dining area.

Gulets are very popular among tourists visiting Türkiye, as they offer an authentic and unique way to explore the beautiful coastline and enjoy the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. They are often rented for private tours and are equipped with all the necessary amenities for a comfortable and enjoyable trip. Many gulets also have a crew on board, including a captain, a cook, and a deckhand, who take care of the guests’ needs and ensure their safety during the voyage.

Why do we write “Türkiye” instead of “Turkey”?

The spelling of “Türkiye” instead of “Turkey” is important for several reasons, including accuracy, and respect for the local language and culture. “Türkiye” is the Turkish name for the country, and it is written in the Turkish alphabet. Using the correct spelling shows respect for the local language and culture. Using the correct spelling of “Türkiye” instead of “Turkey” is a matter of cultural sensitivity, accuracy, and respect for the country and its people.

What will our gulet be like on this trip?

This beautiful and classic single-mast teakwood Tirhandili gulet welcomes up to 8 guests in 4 guest cabins, all with private bathrooms and a/c. 2 cabins have double beds, the other 2 cabins have 2 twin beds each.

Complete safety equipment. Safety measures and environmental concerns are adhered to fully. 


  • Length 20 mt
  • Beam: 6.8 mt
  • Draught:2.8 mt
  • 250 m2 sail area
  • 276 HP low-rev Caterpillar engine
  • 20KW Onan generator with a second gen set for back-up
  • 4 tons fresh water, 4 tons holding tank, 3 tons fuel capacity, all in stainless steel tanks
  • Zodiac tender boat with 15hp Yamaha outboard

Full and well appointed galley, indoor saloon for inclement weather. Spacious aft and fro teak-decks with 8 sun-matresses, shaded by Sunbrella awnings.

Navigational electronics include ICOM VHF radio, Garmin GPS chart-plotter, Raymarine radar, echo sounder, AIS Auto ID System.

Kitchen equipment: Deep freeze, ice maker, 3 refrigerators, dishwasher, BBQ grill, oven and state of the art stone-ware.

Recreational equipment: 4 Ocean Kayaks, SUP, sailboard, fishing tackle, snorkeling gear, scuba gear, wi-fi internet, CD music set with Bluetooth, board games.

Excellent crew and cook.

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